Best HD Robot Fighting For Android And iOS

These are the 5 best Hd robot fighting games for Android and iOS. 
Real steel. World robot boxing

Real Steel WRB is a game for iphone and android base on the movie Real Steel that was made by Reliance Games.
Battle in this epic robot combat and fighting game alongside 70 million players. Top the leaderboard in Global Multiplayer and Fight in Limited Time Events to get the mighty superbot Scorpion. Devastate challengers in PvP and prove your mettle against the greatest Real Steel WRB champions on earth!
Atom and Zeus bring you legendary online multiplayer battles. Take on robot fighters from all across the world to win the Ultimate World Robot Boxing Championship.
Towering over 9 feet tall and weighing over 2000 pounds are your 46 ultimate fighting machines, robot titans & legends including fan favorite superstars – Zeus, Atom, Noisy boy & Twin Cities.
Fight and Upgrade your robot to be stronger, faster and meaner. Color your robot, express yourself and have some fun in the Paint shop!
Real Steel Champions

Real Steel Champions– Continuation of the game with all the famous fighting game for the Real Steel movie “Real Steel”. In this part of you at the very beginning so offer an invited skeleton robot to which you already will be able to add any items to your taste. Upgrade and pump his creation with the help of customization.
Fight alongside 50 million+ fans of Real Steel World Robot Boxing in an epic sequel. Build Your Own Robot Champion and Dominate 10 inspiring Arenas. Create 1000s of unique robots from exclusive and legendary robot parts. Defeat the Legends of the New Real Steel Era & an All New Mysterious Super Boss to Reign Supreme as The Undisputable Champion!
Unleash your unique identity from 100+ colossal robot parts of 17 Exclusive Robots. Choose from iconic Heads, massive Torsos and powerful Hands & Legs. Customize your Robots with exciting Paint, Intro that mimics your style and announce your unique Name to be acclaimed as the King Maker of Real Steel Champions!
Own A Roster Of Real Steel Legends – Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy, Midas & Metro & Relive the Championship experience.
Ultimate Robot Fighting

Ultimate Robot Fighting is one of the best ever robot fighting games created.
The Game is an amazing 3v3 tag team fighter with awesome features like Power Card, Synergy Team, Overclock, etc. The most stylistic 3D Cel Shaded artwork, high resolution graphics and powerful effects give an incredible visual experience. Arenas, picked and chosen from everyday places, makes each fight an unbelievable experience.
Put your best team forward by choosing from 45 unique robots inspired from the likes of gods, gladiators, fire breathing dragons, monks, weapon arsenals, samurais, ninjas and so many more! Assemble additional robot variations to unlock new powers and moves and a brand new fighting experience!
Swipe and tap as you take on enemies in 3v3 combat and let loose epic moves and super combos. Fill up your power bar to unleash special attacks and robot rip offs to reign supreme in combat!
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game is a mobile game developed by Reliance Games.
The gameplay is somewhat similar to that of Infinity Blade and Avengers Initiative.
The players controls the Jaegers to fight the Kaiju. There are currently seven Jaegers available. The player must upgrade their Jaeger to advance against increasingly hard Kaiju. The player also battles Kaiju that appear each time new or old. Newly fought Kaiju will be added into the K-Science Lab to see the stats of the Kaiju. In the Jaeger Bay, the player can upgrade Jaegers and equip them with weapons. There are also a skin selection for which you must buy the skin. There are currently six skins available. Jaegers can attack with normal attacks by swiping or with weapon attack which needs ammunition to fire the weapon.
Play over 30 levels and challenge monstrous creatures in intense combat inspired by the motion picture.
Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Game

In Ironkill, players will build, fight and destroy robots as they battle for dominance against the current champions. It’s survival of the fittest in a sport where the best steel and strongest fighting skills win.
“Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game” play “Play Motion Pte Ltd” is an action game designed by. Will create a new robot will steer you in the game. Will fight against other robots with your robot and will aim to win. You will participate in the boxing competition and your robot if you win the contest you’ll be able to upgrade in order to make it more powerful.

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