Clay Matthews Off Season Workout Routine

William Clay Matthews III is an American football linebacker for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL). Matthews was considered a top prospect for the 2009 NFL Draft. He was ultimately selected by the Packers in the first round of the Draft (26th overall) after the team traded up to make the selection. Matthews was named NFC defensive Player of the Year and also won the Butkus Award in the year 2010. He is the highest paid linebacker in the history of NFL.

Matthews is part of a large family history of professional football players. He is the grandson of pro offensive tackle Clay Matthews, Sr., son of All-Pro line backer Clay Matthews Jr., brother of free agent linebacker Casey Matthews, and nephew of Pro Football Hall of Fame tackle Bruce Matthews. Matthews is married and has one child, a son born in March 2015.
  • Born Name — William Clay Matthews III
  • Date of birth — May 14, 1986
  • Place of birth — Los Angeles, California
  • Height — 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
  • Weight — 255 lb (116 kg)
  • Birth Sign — Taurus
  • Occupation — American football player 
  • No. — 52 Green Bay Packers
  • Position — Linebacker
  • Father — Clay Matthews, Jr.
  • High school — Agoura (CA)
  • College — USC


Clay eats 6 small meals in a whole day. He eats a heavy meal after his workout session. He starts his day with a big breakfast that includes eggs, bacon, oatmeal and fruit. Snacks consists of some type of fruit, cottage cheese, nuts, Muscle Milk bar or Muscle Milk shake.


Clay follows extensive workout routine to stay in perfect shape to play for his team. Clay hits the weight room to get bigger and stronger. It consists of a six days per week training program that includes track and field work, yoga, pilates, boxing, mms and good old strength training.

Upper Body Workout

  1. Partner Pushups with Hand Slap (7 per side) (increasing weight)

  2. External Rotation (Bodyweight) (20 reps) (increasing weight)

  3. Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip (15 reps) (warm-up)

  4. Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip (12-15 reps) (increasing weight)

  5. Seated Cable Rows (12-15 reps) (increasing weight)

  6. Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip (12-15 reps) (increasing weight)

  7. Seated Cable Rows (12-15 reps) (increasing weight)

  8. Pushups with Chain (1 set to failure)

  9. Reach Rows (12 reps)

  10. Close-Grip Dumbbell Press (12-15 reps)

  11. Dumbbell Bicep Curl (12-15 reps)

  12. Close-Grip Dumbbell Press (12-15 reps)

  13. Triceps Pushdown – Rope Attachment (12-15 reps)

Lower Body Workout

  1. Step-Up to Reverse Leg (6 reps, per leg)

  2. Ball Leg Curl (20 reps)

  3. Dumbbell Step Ups (6 reps, per leg)

  4. Slosh Pipe Step-up (10 reps, per leg)
  5. Slosh Pipe Lateral Step-up (10 reps, per leg)
  6. Ball Leg Curl (12 reps)

  7. Leg Extensions (12-15 reps)

  8. Lateral Lunge into One-Leg Balance (8 reps, per leg)

  9. Rear Lunge and Kick (8 reps, per leg)

Fans, especially ours, demand championships. That’s what we’re striving for.
– Clay Matthews 

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